Come Dance With Us



Offered for Ages 2.5 - 18

Ballet is the foundation of all dance styles. At Faith School of Dance we are committed to providing ballet training that helps all students from beginner to advanced learn proper technique. Ballet improves dancers strength, balance, control, and flexibility while increasing focus and grace. At Faith School of Dance we highly recommend ballet to all beginner students and strongly suggest staying in ballet class no matter what style of dance your dancer wants to pursue at Faith School of Dance

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Offered to Students 1st Grade and Up

Lyrical and Contemporary are combined into one class at Faith School of Dance. These classes lead the dancer to move in a more intricate manner of technique. Lyrical and Contemporary focus on improving upper body strength while working to develop strong refined lines and body placement. Lyrical and Contemporary focus heavily on storytelling through movement, improvisation and understanding emotion and expression through music.

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Offered to Ages 2 - 2.5

Dance preview (Used to be called Creative Movement) is a 30 minute weekly class for ages 2 - 2 1/2. This class explores basic dance through creative movement and song/dance. Pre-Ballet steps and tumbling will enhance the natural movement abilities and build coordination skills in these tiny little dancers. This class will help the youngest of dancers with self-confidence, and help build a foundation for classes within the studio as they grow older.


Come Dance With Us



Offered to Some of our Younger Dancers

A Jazz/Ballet combo class is offered to some of our tiny dancers. This class allows for the dancer to participate in multiple styles of dance in one, once a week class. This helps to improve focus and grow as a dancer.



Offered to ages Kindergarten and Up

The Hiphop program at Faith School of Dance uses original hiphop moves often seen in music videos from Disney to MTV. Hiphop classes improve rhythm, groove, musicality as well as self-confidence. HipHop at Faith school of dance is meant to provide a fun dance space for students Kindergarten and up. [Rest assured that all music and dance moves are age appropriate]

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Offered to Ages 3 and Up

Jazz class includes warm up and stretching, progressions across the floor, dance combinations to upbeat music. Dancers are taught to execute movements with correct technique, with a huge focus on performances quality, expressions through the music and most importantly encourages to develop their own unique style as they learn both classical jazz steps, street jazz, jazz funk and some contemporary movements you see on TV shows. Faith School of dance Combines Musical Theatre with Jazz once students are in 1st grade. Musical theater takes jazz technique as well as acting and combines them into high energy theatrical performaces.


Come Dance With Us


Offered to Ages 2.5 and up

The tap program is offered to students of ages 2.5 and up at Faith School of Dance. Tap focuses on sound and expression through sound. Classes focus on teaching proper technique and performance quality. Tap helps students learn awareness as well as rhytem and musicality.

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Offered to Ages 3 and up

At Faith School of Dance we use the Acrobatic Arts curriculum from our youngest students to our oldest most advanced. Our Acro program is a dance based tumbling program. Acro focuses on floor gymnastics and conditioning. Acro is not all about tricks, Acro focuses on flexibility, strength, power and defiance of gravity. Students learn skills on mats and progress to performing skills on the dance floor. Each student will progress at their own pace and learn a variety of skills that they are ready to at their own speed and skill set.

Preschool acro starts with beginner moves getting them ready for a more advanced skill set in our upper classes.

Beginner/Intermediate Acro is for Acro dancers who are working on basics as well as progressing past the basics. First year Acro students must start here regardless of age.

Intermediate/Advanced Acro is for Acro dancers who have the solid base of Acro down and are ready for more advanced progressions and tumbling including, handsprings, ariels, walkovers and more.

If you are unsure of where to place your student and you were a acro student during the previous season reach out to Miss Melissa via Email. If you are new to Faith School of Dance acro program and are unsure. Enroll your student in Beginner/Intermediate and if they are ready to advance Miss Melissa will reach out to you to offer a move up. 

Due to recital costumes + Learning recital routines, Acro Dancers cannot move up classes after December 31st. (This does not mean they will not be able to work on more advanced skill sets.)