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About FSOD


Faith School of Dance aspires to be a welcoming and inclusive space. We provide quality dance instruction that is both educational and inspirational to dancers of all ages. From recreational dance to competitive study, correct technique is always encouraged. We teach with positive reinforcement and believe that our students learn best in a supportive environment. We have a studio where dancers of any age can feel part of an extended family - a safe space for dancers to learn and explore their passion for dance


You can fail here. At Faith School of Dance we believe in championing all of our students, even in the moments they don’t feel successful. We aim to encourage each dancer at every level throughout their wins and their losses. We know that being a great dancer is so much more than kicks, turns, and leaps: along with excellent technique, we teach life skills, dealing with setbacks, overcoming obstacles, and building confidence and self-esteem. Our hope is this will enable our dancers to be great leaders, and more importantly, amazing teammates. 


We know that every dancer has their own timeline. Our goal is to tailor their dance journey to fit their needs without telling them where they ‘should’ be. We strive to listen and learn from our dancers and continuously develop so we offer what our students want and need. FSOD puts intensive effort into staying on top of the latest dance techniques and technical tools through certifications, classes and continuing education, so that when our students come to our classes, they can trust they are getting the absolute best training possible.

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