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FSOD Calendar 

1st - Tuition Due
5th - First Day of Season 3

1st - Tuition Due
12/13th - Closed
23rd-27th - Wear Halloween Costumes to Class Week
30/31st - Closed Halloween Stay Safe

1st - Tuition Due
1st - Christmas Parade Shirts available for sell on logo-wear website (Optional)
2nd/3rd - Closed
11th - Costume Payments Due
22nd-24th - Closed for Thanksgiving

1st - Tuition Due
2nd - Christmas Parade (Wear Black Pants and Parade Shirt, OR Black pants and any green long sleeves shirt)
11th-15th - Christmas Week at Studio - Students will share a routine they learned with their parents last 20 minutes of class (Wear Red, Green, Gold, Silver etc.)
19th-30th Closed of Winter Break

1st- Tuition Due
1st - Closed for New Years
10th - Competition Fees Due (Company Team Only)

1st - Tuition Due

17th - State Dance Champions (Charlotte NC) [Company Team Only]
19th - Closed 

1st - Tuition Due
15th - Recital Fees Due ($50 per account)
23/24th   Expressions Dance Comp (Morganton NC) [Company Team Only]
29th - Closed Good Friday

1st - Tuition Due
1st-5th - Closed for Easter
19th - Recital Extra Orders Due (Optional)
April 20th - SouthEast Showdown (Taylorsville NC) [Company Team Only]

1st - Tuition Due
25th - Recital - Alexander Central High School - 10:00am

*Tuition cost is based on total classes during the season split up into 9 months of payment for your convenience*


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