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Faith School of Dance Policies 

• Please get your children to class on time every week since regular attendance is necessary for good training.

• Please be prompt in picking up your child after class.

• Please label dance shoes and gear with student’s full name.

• Please do not allow your child to wear dance shoes outside. A dance bag is recommended for all dance gear.

• Please make sure that your child is properly outfitted for class each week in correct dance attire and dress code.

• Please remember that you are responsible for supervising siblings; keep them safe and under control in the lobby. The studio lobby and dressing areas are not a playground.

• Please remember that while class is in session, the dance room doors should remain closed. Parents are asked to wait in our lobby, outside, in their cars, or if child is above 8 years old parents my leave the studio as long as their dancer is picked up on time after this class has concluded.

• Please call in all absences and make arrangements for a makeup class for illness if possible.

• Please encourage practice at home.

• Please do not bring any peanut, or peanut butter snacks in the studio. Please keep drinks to only water for hydration purposes.

• Please remember that if you wish to speak to your child’s teacher, he or she is obligated to start their next class on time but will gladly call you at the end of their day.

• Students and parents should be respectful in the lobby area keeping voices down.

• Please do not stand on benches or allow your children to do so.

• Please remind students to clean up after themselves and respect studio property.

• Please check your child’s dance bag before leaving the studio to make sure all shoes and gear are accounted for.

• Please check the lost and found box frequently.

• Please check your child’s bag for notices and check your email and studio website for updates.

• Please pay accounts on time. Late fees are issued on overdue accounts.

• Please avoid being a gossip that may spread misinformation. If you need to discuss a situation, please call the office to arrange a mutually convenient meeting time.

• Please help us create a positive and encouraging learning environment for all students.

• Please don’t compare your child to other dancers or discuss such comparisons with other parents.

• Please do not text or call teacher’s personal cell or home phones. Relationships between parents and teachers must be kept professional.

• Please review our studio policies with your children to help them understand why it is important for everyone to follow the studio rules.

• Please remember that we value your patronage and support and want to thank you for choosing us for your child’s dance education.

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